You must have faced the times when all that you read goes over your head. You just can’t interpret it in one go; maybe it is even happening right now while you are reading this article. Due to this, you need to re-read the thing over and over again. Moreover, if you somehow managed to understand it, the next issue that you face is- the inability to retain or memorise it. Trust me I have been there, and you are not alone in this. I will explain you the best tried & tested way to sharpen your  mind and improve memory for studying. You can try it at almost any time of the day.

I used to feel dumb at such moments when understanding a single paragraph took me much time. Consequently, I was deeply frustrated, obviously.

What All did I Try?

I resorted to the Facebook pages

  • To get rid of this problem, I started liking Facebook pages that were supposed to offer me some brain sharpening techniques & pro tips.

The Result- to be honest, half of the tips were blls#!t. It was like some random guy was creating the tips and adding- *scientifically proven at the end of each tip.

I tried those fascinating Android game apps to train my brain

  • Being a tech savvy, I even tried to improve myself by using the brain sharpening games. And why not, after all, they were endorsed by the scientists and reputed research labs.

The result- I was attentive in the beginning, but after 7-8 days, swiping and reaching up to the app on my smartphone and waiting for it to load was a hell of a thing for me. Gradually, the practice dropped.

Being a foodie, I even tried fruits and food products (whether tasty or not)

  • Eventually, the flashy idea to sharpen memory with food appealed me more. What was the wait for? I started trying Avocados, Blueberries, Coconut oil, Egg yolk, Dark chocolate and a fair amount of turmeric.

The result- I ate everything in the exact way and quantities they were supposed to be eaten. However, at the end of 2-3 months, I was feeling as stupid as I was earlier, only now I was a bellyful stupid.

The Underlying Truth That Makes The Concentration And Remembering Things Difficult-

Finally, luckily I stumbled upon the best way to make mind sharp and active. Normally, we are so much absorbed either into the things that happened in past like-

  • The answer that you would have written in your exams, or
  • The witty line that you could have said at some moment, in your friend’s

…or we think about the things that are to happen in future like-

  • The movie that you want to ask your friend out, or
  • An EMI that you have to pay.

What happens is, similar to a computer CPU, your brain resources are occupied by several other processes (things about past and future), which make your present concentration and memorising processes slowed down, leaving you unable to understand and perceive things in a single attempt or even difficulty in remembering them afterwards.

This can be rectified by including the mindfulness process in your daily routine. It is a guaranteed, quite simple and a handy method to fine-tune your brain to work in a focused and a highly concentrated way.

So without further ado, here is the thing that you can try to enhance your cognitive capabilities

The Ultimate Brain Boosting Blueprint-

  • Take a paper & pen or open a notepad or to-do pad on your smartphone.
  • Write down the numbers from 1 to 10. One number per line.
  • Now, whenever you are sitting idle or lying down or having some spare time in hand, do this-
    • Feel the moment- Lose yourself in the present!
      • If you are holding your smartphone- feel its presence in your hand, how does it feel at its back: is it soft, rigid, textured, or
      • Touch your coffee mug, feel its warm sensation on your fingers.
      • If you are writing something, hold on and observe the shape of the pencil. How the black lead is different in its hardness from the wooden part. How much force you will need to break that pencil, just a wild guess. How it feels when you move your fingers on its printed letters.
      • Look at the symbols & letters printed on the keyboard of your desktop/laptop. Feel them with your fingers. Are the letters smoother than the rest of the buttons?
      • Or, hold a paper and feel the cellulose fibres that it is made up of. Just think, if you start to strip the paper of its fibres, what will be left. How easily can you tear it up?
      • You can do it with almost anything present around you. The point is to make a connection with them. Feel them, observe them, and notice their contour. You will have difficulty doing this or staying concentrated in the beginning. Don’t worry, it happens. Gradually, as your brain gets stronger, you will be able to do it for longer.
  • When your mind starts to lose its concentration, strike off the first number in your notepad, and simply go back to your work.
  • Repeat this when you are free next time. Count how many times you were able to do it in a day.
  • Gradually increase the number. You will not need a notepad to keep the count when you include it in your routine life.

What changes can you expect?

  • You will understand the things easily. Even the hardest of concepts will have no chance to stand as a hurdle in your way.
  • You will feel your gaming performance getting better. Especially, the multiplayer games that require quick reflexes and strategy. You will start to rule them all.
  • Your problem-solving skills will get a boost start. Consequently, your academic performance in subjects like maths and science will significantly improve.
  • You will be able to memorise the things quickly with fine details. This can help you in redefining your personality and acing your entrance and other academic exams.

Final Words-

The best thing about this method is, it rewires your brain naturally to prioritise itself to the work-in-hand with utmost efficiency.

You do not need any cutting-edge premium app or a boost of certain elements from a particular food. Since we all are in a hurry most of the times, it does not even demand a sizeable amount of time. Ultimately, it is a sure-fire way to sharpen memory for studying & exams and to make brain sharp and quick.

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