I am sitting in the waiting hall of Urology OPD at AIIMS Hospital, New Delhi. It is my third time in a row that I am visiting here though the contentment in my heart and face this time is higher than before because of one of the water drinking benefits that made my life worth it. I went through a major Hip Replacement Surgery a few months back that entailed me to take heavy drugs (including Painkillers and Antibiotics) to help me gain strength and confidence. It alongside strained my kidneys to outperform itself than ever, resulting in an increased BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen- a waste product) levels, signifying the improper renal functioning.

I was then advised to drink as much water as I could and the results now are quite satisfactory and motivating. Apart from controlling high BUN level, I also feel much different in my overall lifestyle and satisfaction with my body.

Renal profile-before
My Renal Profile- before

My Renal Profile- now

I would gulp down one Litre of water empty stomach right after waking up in the morning. This worked like a charm on my body. I drank close to four litres/day over three months and have flushed out all of my worries. I am super energetic now without any health supplements or glucose drinks.

Correct Times to Drinking Water
Correct Times to Drinking Water, Courtesy-TryThis.co

How much water to drink?
According to The Institute Of Medicine, (IOM), Adult male should be drinking 3 Ltrs (13 cups) of water a Day and Adult Female 2.2 Ltrs (9 cups) a Day.

I will say, just listen to your body needs. We are not the same so could not be the water recommendations. Drink as much water as you are comfortable with. Check out the colour of your pee to ascertain if you are drinking the right amount. It should be clear, yellow or pale yellow.

Water, a free and widely available liquid can help you keep your body healthy in numerous ways so that you don’t have to take costly, long-term addictive medicines and waste your hard earned money on them in future.
This only requires a dedicated “YOU”, not a 2-3 days enthusiasm. Are you up for it?

Stated below are the health benefits of drinking more water, from my experience and Science-Backed facts.

1. Brings a Fresh Younger Look and Glow to Your Face

A dehydrated face appears dull, dry and unhealthy. Fine lines and premature wrinkles appear deeper, adding up additional years to your original age.

-Hydration plumps up the skin cells and rejuvenates it, after all, your skin is 64% water.

-Drinking enough water also improves blood circulation that flushes out toxins, infecting microbes and poisonous metabolic wastes by sweating & urination, giving you a pimple and acne free glowing skin.

-It also acts as barrier to protect your skin from external contaminants like pollution, temperature and bacteria.

2. Say Bye to Stress and Nasty Headaches

Drinking more water relieves stress by lowering the cortisol hormone (a stress hormone that gets secreted when the body is in a stress condition like dehydration) making you feel good and happy.

-It helps you to be more active by helping you think better with enhanced focus and concentration that leads to a boost in your productivity.

-Water makes 73% of your brain and along with provides a shock resistance by acting as a cushion to it.

-Hydration, on the other hand, can alleviate mostly all types of headaches like-

  1. Tension headaches arising due to
    >stress overload
    >Psychological & Emotional issues
  2. Cluster headaches (coming in groups of one to four per day over few days or even months)
  3. Hormonal headaches like migraines
  4. Sinus headaches caused due to cold or other medical conditions.

3. Helps Build Muscle tone

Muscles Tissues are 75% waterWater reduces muscle cramps and sprains and acts as a great GYM assistant by keeping them elastic and providing a lubrication to your joints.

It delays fatigue and provides energy by carrying oxygen to your muscles, thus helping you work longer and harder to tone up your body and enhance its performance.

4. Significantly Helps You in Weight Loss

-Frankly, Water is no magical potion to do this but by making you feel full when taken before meals, you tend to eat less, causing a loss of fat through increased lypolysis (breakdown of fats).

Do you know?
Drinking water before meals, reduces an average intake of 75 calories per meal, I.e. 27,000 fewer calories/yearWebMD

-Water, being a solvent without calories, fat, carbohydrate and sugar, is an excellent alternative to daily beverage intake to help you get slimmer, by getting rid of your protruding tummy, comparatively to those caffeinated and sugary tea, coffee, alcohol, or cold drinks.

-Drinking warm/hot water raises body temperature causing your metabolism rate to rise to bring the body temperature back to normal i.e. 37° C. It thus flushes out toxins, fat-deposits and expands your arteries and veins to improve blood circulation. Likewise does the drinking of ice cold water but that’s far less effective.

5. Kicks out Constipation Smoothly

In a water lacking situation, your body tries to maintain hydration by recollecting every possible drop of water from wasting. Colon (large intestine) extracts water from stools leaving it dried up that’s quite hard and painful to pass out. This can even rupture the tissue lining the anus causing bleeding and infection and so on creates hundreds of other diseases.

Adequate fluid and fibre are the real saviours here. Fibre brooms up your colon and fluid flushes it out of your gastrointestinal tract quite easily without you having to sit in there for hours reading newspaper.

6. Kidneys Work Efficiently Till Your Old Age

kidneys are an invaluable blood filtration organ of the human body apart from being a part of memes wherein one can sell it for iPhone.
Normally, 1-2 litres of fluid is expelled out as urine while 187 litres is recovered by bloodstream out of the total 190 litres of fluid filtered by kidneys every day.

-In a constantly dehydrated body, Blood Urea Nitrogen levels (BUN: a water soluble waste product from urea formed due to the breakdown of proteins in Liver) rise, contributing to chronic kidney disorders ultimately the kidney failure.

A kidney failure is accompanied by additional health consequences like Compromised Immune System, Anemia, Damage to Central Nervous System or Heart fail.

Do you know?
costs Rs. 12000/month in India that approximates $3000 or Rs. 1.4 Lacks/year.
In US & UK, it settles at $60,000 annually I.e. about Rs. 41 Lacks/year

A Kidney Transplant surgery in India costs $10000 or Rs. 7-9 Lacks and requires a great luck to finding donor’s kidneySource

-Your kidneys are 79% water and a prolonged dehydration also inhibits free passage of salt & mineral wastes resulting in the formation of solid crystals called Kidney stones that make life very painful and miserable.

Do you know?
Kidney Stone Removal Surgery in India costs around Rs. 1-2 Lacks, while in the US it is a whopping $10000-$30000 depending upon the type of removal (surgical or Laser)Source

A lifelong healthy functioning of kidneys can be ensured by drinking 3 Litres or 8 glasses of water every day. Your pee then should be-
-Clear & light colored
-Odor free

-Adequate supply of water ensures faster relief from Urinary Tract Infection, (UTI) by flushing out bacteria along with making it less painful to pass urine by diluting it.

7. Maintains Electrolytic Balance in Your Body

Electrolytes are the charged particles like potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sodium, magnesium, chloride in body fluids that conduct electrical signals between the cells of your body for the proper functioning of Brain, Heart, nerves and muscles.

Kidneys in a properly hydrated body maintain and keep in check the electrolytic balance by keeping no. of +ve charged particles equal to -ve ones. Prolonged dehydration can increase the risk of chronic kidney disease resulting in kidney failure.

That, in turn, can disrupt the electrolytic balance in the body, leading to mixing of electrical signals causing Seizures, Involuntary muscles movement & its weakness, Paralysis and Cardiac arrest.

We lose electrolytes mainly sodium & potassium when we sweat. So, drink enough water to keep your electrolytes balanced.

8. Keeps Your Body Functioning Normal, by Resisting External Changes

We are warm blooded specie that means we regulate over or under heating and maintain our body temperature at 37°C, as our proteins (enzymes), cells, chemical reactions and body organs like skin, kidney, liver, heart, brain function properly only at this temperature. This is called homeostasis, in the absence of which the body shuts itself down and the person either freezes to death or succumbs to overheating.

Hydration helps maintain the internal body temperature by sweating and respiration in the adverse climates and conditions ensuring a healthy and normal body functioning.

9. Keeps Your Joints Pain Free and Efficiently Moving

Cartilages (smooth elastic tissue that provides rubber-like padding to the ends of long bones at joints) and Spine disks (strong elastic pivot in joint segments of the spine) are 80% water.

In a prolonged dehydrated body, synovial fluid (that lubricates joints, absorbs shocks and provide nutrients to cartilage) decreases and causes cartilages to degenerate by making them wear against each other leading to Bone loss, Injury, Swelling and Pain.

You must have seen people (over 40 years of age) crying of pain in their joints mostly the knee and hip ones, due to the used up grease, as they call it, or the synovial fluid, contributing to the osteoarthritis disease.

Water keeps the joints pain and other joint problems in check by keeping cartilages and spine disks soft, hydrated and lubricated and also promotes better health of bones that are composed 31% of water.

My Grandma is actively suffering from osteoarthritis. I can feel her pain just by listening to her moans every day. After trying every hospital and orthopedist in the area to no use, she has finally succumbed to the unbearable pain. Such is the misery of this disease.

10. Water Drinking Benefits in Proper Growth & Development of Your body

Our body needs to break down food to cellular level to make it usable by the body for its nourishment. Water takes care of the entire process starting right from the time food goes into your mouth.

-A hydrated body produces more saliva that lubricates food chunks and helps digest 30% starch in the mouth using the digestive enzyme Amylase.

-Food then reaches the stomach that is supposed to be acidic, due to Hydrochloric acid, (HCl), for the protein digestion to happen. Water here helps produce-

  • HCl for a healthy digestion, and
  • Mucous stomach lining to protect the stomach tissue from acidic nature of HCl.

Thus, eliminating the possibility of Heartburn, Stomach ulcers, Nauseated feeling or Indigestion that normally require you to take pharmaceutical drugs.

Digestive Secretions Absorption of Water
Image showing Digestive Secretions and Absorption of Water, Source: archive.cnx.org

-Water helps facilitate food’s smooth passage in the intestinal tract ensuring efficient digestion so you don’t have to suffer from, Constipation, Irritable bowel syndrome or Diarrhea.

-Water then helps dissolve extracted mineral and nutrients and are passed into the bloodstream (composed of 92% water) from intestines to be transported and metabolized for body growth and development.

So, if you ever complain of Fatigue, Memory loss, Brain fog or Not gaining great muscles, despite eating loads of food, then increasing your water intake can very likely do the trick. Possibly your body is not utilizing all of the minerals and nutrients that you take alongside the food and is excreting majority of it undigested.

Anyway, it’s my turn now to the doc’s cabin. You keep cherishing and drinking the wonderful health-promoting natural gift: The Water.

Till then, Take care. Keep Sipping :p

How has drinking water helped you with your problems in your life? How much do you drink daily? Are you going to have more of it now? Let me know in the comments below!


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