Our growth in life and career significantly depends upon the quality of our social interaction and other’s perception of us. Some of us fare really well when it comes to handling social situations and manage to impress the folks while some fall flat on their faces and lose their personality impact over time and thus negate their growth & success prospects. These simple psychological life hacks will help you improve your personality score and to be desirable over time.

Generally, there is more than one way to do the same thing and what distinguishes you from the crowd is what way you do it when the right time arrives and that’s what actually matters.

These psychological Life Hacks/Tweaks involving observations, improvisations and modifications of the day to day activities will make you gain the soul of any social moment/interaction. They are quite easy to apply and provide you ‘more benefits for less effort’ with the efficient results.

So, to make your life more positive, winning and appealing, here we have compiled the essential psychological life hacks (including those that I use) using which you can be the king of any social situation you run into and can steal the show for sure. Check them out!

1. Want to cool the heated argument down? Move next to the person, not in front of them

Not every other person out there around you is cool enough to keep calm during an argument especially when it makes them or their point feel wrong.

Unless you enjoy an intense conversation, you should try this argument hack that pacifies (to cause someone who is angry or upset to be calm and satisfied) them without you being deemed as the one who backed off.

The hack- Standing next to the person instead of in front of them makes you not seen as a threat to them that will eventually put the heated argument to rest in a while.

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2. Not sure when to speak out? Decode the Body language by observing the people’s feet during a conversation

It is sometimes quite confusing as to when to approach the person who is in an important conversation.

A wrong timing can annoy them, putting you in an awkward social situation where you are the one ‘less caring & interested’ in their thoughts, making you a shallow and uncourteous personality. Same thing done at the right time makes you a thorough listener that in turn instils in them a sense of respect for your words and thus soares your overall repute.

The Hack- Simply Observe their torsos (the trunk of the human body, composed of thorax/chest and abdomen) and feet.

While in conversation, if only their torso turns and feet stays stilldo not interfere them. The best time for you to speak up is when they turn both their torso and feet (considering the speaker is standing). Try it! It works.

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3. Fold your arms to identify the one who is least concerned with your talks

Do you only like to speak out or “blabber” to someone without taking note of the fact if they are actually following you? I guess nobody does. Everyone likes to be heard attentively.

But how can you figure out if someone actually wants to listen to you or in any way interested? Follow this hack.

The Hack- Just fold your arms and if they do the same, they are interested in your speaking otherwise you better shut up or change the topic because you are only wasting your energy i.e. ATP (biologically speaking) to bore them.

Alike to yawning this action is highly contagious when the person is listening conscientiously.

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4. Do you need a favour from someone? Start with “I need your help”

Do you want a favour from someone and don’t want your request to be turned down (a rejection or refusal) by them?

The hack-Start off your sentence with “I need your help”.

This, In fact, is indirect asking them whether they are capable enough to do this task.

Denying your request will put them at a guilt makes them feel incapable that nobody likes to be. So, in most cases, you are on a highly probable end of getting the favour.

5. Facing problem remembering names? Just repeat the name of the person you are talking to

Good memory is a vital aspect of one’s personality. Being too forgetful not only degrades your overall persona but also marks a disrespect towards others especially when you forget their names.

Not to mention the awkward situation that follows when you forget the girl’s name you tried your luck on or some important client’s name. So, forgetting someone’s name should be the last thing you would want to do as a person’s name is the sweetest sound to them in the world. Isn’t it?

The Hack- During the conversation, repeating their names kills two birds with one stone. First, it brings them closer to you and your words are heard attentively and second, you get to memorize their names subconsciously.

For instance: “Hello Tim, My name is Sam” “Nice to meet you Tim” “so Tim, where did you attend your graduation?”

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6. Didn’t get a full answer to your question? Wait and watch while keeping an eye contact with them

The situation arises while talking to any stranger or when you don’t want to explain your question but want an explained answer. The responder can dodge (to evade (questions, etc) by cleverness or trickery) and can only respond you in brief.

Now, How to get them speaking more without you uttering a more of a word?

The Hack- Even after they finish answering, keep your silence while maintaining an eye contact followed by your raised eyebrows. A compelling psychological technique to make them speak more by building pressure on them. It’s a bit hard to master but worth the try.

7. If you are in a business of customer services like Bar, Hotel, Hospital and often come across angry customers, just calm them down with this simple hack

Customer service desks are the primary targets of angry and aggressive customers. And even then you are expected to handle them courteously (polite, respectful, or considerate in manner) after all that’s what you’re paid for.

To help you handle them without loosing your cool, this hack can be your true pal (a friend).

The Hack- Put a mirror behind you at the counter. This will probably make the angry customer calm down as nobody wants to see them in a bad temper and bad image.

8. Got insulted by someone? Two things to do now- Ignore them or Mock them. Losing temper is disastrous

Social Media,  A platform for freedom of expression, has seen the number of users soar up that has, in turn, increased the number of trolls (a person who argues with you on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter over trivial issues and leaves no stone unturned in upsetting you either ethically or unethically).

Your negativity, bad temper, anger and frustration is what makes them stronger than ever. The statement holds true for real life haters as well. This is how you can make them weaker and give it back to them!

The Hack- Instead of giving trolls the key to your misery, surprise them by ignoring thema tested trick to keep them at bay. Alternatively, you can also mock them but that requires wittiness in you.

9. Want to learn a concept in its entirety? Then “Teach it to someone”

Anything that you read and tried to learn doesn’t retain as such in your brain for long.

It tends to fade up gradually with time and there is also no guarantee that you have got all of your concepts cleared until someone asks you a tricky question out of it and you stare only the walls then.

The Hack- To approach A to Z of a topic, Teach & explain it to someoneThis scratches your neurones to extract out the maximum info that you read & learned and to figure out the shortcomings that you need to work upon.

Consequently, the crystal clear concept stays in your brain way longer.

10. Gossiping behind their backs is too bad for your own trustworthiness. Either do it on their faces or don’t do it

Gossiping is a time killer instrument for some, habit for others and necessity for the rest. But do you know how that subconsciously affects your own image?

While gossiping you reveal things that others don’t know about some third person but this very thing subconsciously instils a thinking about your untrustworthiness in their minds. They tend to think that what you are revealing about the third person today can someday be their case too.

The Trick- Try to back off from gossiping behind someone’s back or just quit it. Since “karma is a bitch”, eventually, this is not going to pay you off in a better way to your persona.

11. Problem keeping conversation smooth and interesting? Ask something about them!

Most of us are not really good at making great exciting conversations and keeping it running especially when it is with someone strange that you met while walking down the road, or at a random place. Introvert nature (that is one of my characteristics too) can possibly be held accountable for this. The thing that I did to avoid this awkward situation is actually pretty simple.

The Hack- Ask them something about themselves, and if you know their hobbies or passion, then you can dig further into(go through, look out for, seek out) that part and fire up the chatting.

You can simply ask them about these things and then go deeper.

  • Their job/career
  • Their passion/hobby
  • Their family/friends
  • Their heritage/history

Tip- Don’t ask them simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer type questionsStay enthusiastic and interested during the whole conversation.

12. No Motivation or creative thoughts and feeling distracted too? Clean & organize your surroundings and feel the change

What is the trick to an efficient working? – Obviously the focused and motivated brain.

And what leads to motivation? – A motivating and inspiring ambience.

So, do you think a filthy and stinking surrounding can actually motivate you to do anything productive with full concentration? – The answer is “No”.

Your personality reflects how you live and living unorganized and filthily affects your career and ultimately your whole future and life. Also, other’s perception of you doesn’t build much good and more often than not you are tagged with irresponsible, careless, casual, negligent kind of terms.

The Trick

  • Get up and clean the dirt around you; the food leftovers, empty poly-bags, dirty switches, keyboard, table, hanging spider webs in the corners etc.
  • Organise things and keep them where they are supposed to be. Now, Sit there and observe the changes and then get started with your work.

At workplace too, keep your desk spacious and organised. You’ll feel the change quite soon.

Even the huge companies like Google have open, extremely clean and an organised workspace to fuel up the efficiency of their employees to come up with feasible and really smart ideas.

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13. Confidence is the key to success

If you are willing to taste success in life, trust me, confidence not the over-confidence is all that you need.

I know the higher education makes us a bit of shy and hesitative kind of person by making us feel insulted if we couldn’t answer or explain things correctly. But a concoction of knowledge and confidence can actually win the world.

The trick-

  • You got to believe what you are, what you know and what you can doEven if you are wrong, just let it flow withconfidence.
  • You cannot be wrong all the timesbut, the listener, definitely makes a strong image of you in their subconscious and that actually matters.

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14. Some Additional tips to be a desirable person among others

  • Keep your hands out of your pockets as it signifies dissatisfaction with your image, looks, clothes or personality and lack of self-confidence. You can instead fold them.
  • Stand straight, walk like a leader in a straight postureIt signifies confidence and raises your respect level.
  • Keep your hands warm. Hand-shaking someone with warm hands increases your desirability to them.
  • And the golden rule,Never lose the eye contact. When you are on a date or in a meeting, maintaining eye contact with periodic smiles can really win their hearts. A confident and healthy gaze can literally touch their souls.
  • Nod and lean forward.This signifies you are getting along with the talk and are really interested in that person.

15. And Some Bonus tips for you-

  • A person’s real character is how they treat someone who can’t do anything for them(like waiters, beggars, maids, poor,) not what they tell you. Observe it.
  • Especially with kids, present situations in a way that they can choose and think themselves to be in control.Kids this way grow up to be more confident and mature. So, Instead of ‘Wear this shirt’, say ‘which one do you want to wear? White or Blue one’
  • When asking for a favour, use the word ‘because’, no matter how dumb the reason be. You stand high on getting the favour this way. “May I get the haircut first?”would be less considered than “May I get the haircut first because I have to go to the movie”.
  • To avoid Disappointment, try to have fewer expectations at first, like on a date or an interview.
  • If you want someone to do a big favour for you, first get them to do a small favour for you. It’s known as ‘Foot-in-the-door’ hack
  • Getting nervousbefore a presentation or conference or a bungee jumping- Chew a gum.
  • In a negotiation/deal: if you have kept your offer and are still speaking, then you are not doing good to the deal only weakening it.


What’s your life hack to deal with awkward Life situations?

Let me know in the comments below!

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